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My Story.

My Mission.



Hmm … I think this is the most important page, the most read and yet the hardest to write .. Interesting 🙂 ..

My life is a story, a story I write everyday, and sometimes when I realize something is not good .. I rewrite it.

I like the idea that we will know better and develop a beautiful relationship, so for those who want to know me I stretch my first hand and reveal a few things about me:

I like my name. The name Cristian is of Romanian origin and has the meaning of “christian”. Cristian, comes from the Latin personal names “Christianus”, “Christiana”, adjectives derived from “Christus”, by which they were designated as followers of the Christian religion. The name Christ comes from  chryin “anoint” and is of Greek origin. The “Christus” form, taken over by the Romans, will be the basis for the derivation of “christianus”. Christianus appears with distinctive personal value when Christianity became official religion. Since it is a rarely used name (according to my searches) I can say I am very proud of it.

I’m perfectionist. I like things well done, and I work on everything I am doing till they are perfect. In everything I pursue.

I’m a winner from all points of view. The inner strength and character, ambition and perseverance are the key to my triumph. They fulfill my goals and overcome the obstacles, whether small or large, to fulfill my desires.

I do not like routine. I hate it. That’s why I always want to do new things.

I like art. From my childish I had artistic inclinations and I was attracted to art. I’ve been drawing for a long time, and I’m doing this from time to time. But now I think I am doing something even stronger: DESIGN. What other proof do we have for the beauty of the human spirit, if not the creations in paintings, drawings, music, or literary?

Writing is not my passion, but I love blogging 🙂. I have fallen in love with blogging since I started creating digital products, health products, ebooks and now with this page I am doing everything I can to talk about my passions and about me, and especially to be a source of inspiration and help for you. I think it’s an effective way to help thousands of people at the same time. Also, I think it offers the best environment where I can brush my thoughts and experiences quietly.

I love animals. They are also souls. Even if they do not speak they have their way of communicating with us. When we have them next to us, they can brighten our day. It is worth all our love and care.

Out of the Comfort Zone

I paint and draw every time I feel like it and when I don’t feel like it I push myself to try and bring any idea to life because I never know when the most simple idea might become something great. I also find joy in free writing


I have a passion for learning ways to design and new concepts and I take it upon myself to learn from co-workers and friends. In order to gain inspiration for a project, I find myself listening to music and drowning out background noises.


I feel a continuing commitment to help others and make a difference through the use of visual communication. It is rewarding having the opportunity to help and inspire others utilizing my skills as a graphic designer.


I realized I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. It is important to be reconciled with me, to be aware of the shortcomings and to try to cover them, so that, no matter in what situation I am to be able to  say  that I am not ashamed of what I am or what I did.

I  have learned that in order to be in harmony with others, you have to have a beautiful relationship with yourself. Is important also to know to forgive, accept, learn, forget!

Yeah, I like to be me.

Everyone is unique in his own way. I am happy that I am ME with everything that matters to me and makes me unique. I feel great in my skin and I would never want to be anyone else than I am now. And I love to be what makes me be.

While I am able to answer questions about my ideas and design inspiration, I prefer to let my work speak for itself. I want my work to be simple, yet impactful.

With every job I try to put everything I have into it. I’m not interested in simply “ticking the boxes” and churning out average designs. I want to make sure that everything I produce is something that I would be excited about if I was the client.

What comes to my career in the Graphic Design world – I still explore every panel and point of view, just to see if I missed anything. I also know that my best work and greatest adventures are still ahead of me.

High fives & Thank You for reading.gravatar image


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