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Any visualarticle 4 image 1 image presents a composition wherever we look we realize we see a plastic image where the elements that make up are arranged in a certain way.

By composition,  we seek to highlight the significance of the shapes that make up, so each element contributes to the organization of the surface. Each element plays a specific symbol.

Every composition has a conglomerate of shapes, movements or colors in its substrate, with which we can create a homogeneous structure by building some shapes and directions that we will use as an armature.

An important factor in a composition is the center of interest alongside the lines of force that guides our hierarchical gaze on the elements we want to bring forward. The center of interest attracts or rejects secondary out-of-center centers and requires a relationship of interdependence through which they work together.

In a composition, geometry comes to our aid and I specify that three dimensions are enough to define the shape of a body in the structure alongside the rest of the elements. The simplest and most common dimension in a composition is the linear one because it can be easily modulated and directed in the artist’s own way.

The two-dimensional structure gives us amplitude in space and directly variations in size and shape: large things and small things, round and angular things, irregular shapes. Bi dimensionality brings us an extra depth of space through the distance of direction and orientation. Three-dimensional space gives us immediate freedom through various forms extending in any direction. A first dialogue is formed between the close and the distant forms of the viewer.

Symmetry in the composition shows us the assembly of elements or shapes arranged to the same extent, arranged in equal ratio to the left side with respect to the right one. This kind of composition is a classic one, but extremely easy when we do not have much inspiration and we need stability and ease in deciphering the elements and the message we want to convey. Therefore, in a properly composed composition, the center is elementary for the entire composition, because each element revolves around it. The center is the one that propagates the information, but it can reject it according to the need we want to convey.

The composition allows graphic artists to compose compact visual images through which the message is clearly and hierarchically transmitted according to the elements to be promoted. This is why it plays a vital role in the creative process.

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Cristiana Valceanu

I’m basically a one woman shop for art and design. As a child, I learned how to write and design because I figured one day this internet thing would help me share my art with nice people all over the world.I am a creative. I can never seem to stop creating anything. There is always an idea, new picture, or some business idea running through my head. I can’t help but see a picture before I see words on it. I am drawn to color and the beauty around me. I have always been drawn to art and design.